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Allimed, stabilized allicin:
Allimed is the result of a patented process which produces purified,
living-source, completely stable allicin-for the first time in history.  
Allicin is not garlic but the fully potent, active factor in concentrated
form, never before available. It has a broad spectrum of health
properties that support the body’s immune system.
Allimed - Stablizied Allicin Scientific Research
Allicin from Garlic:
Successfully stabilized for the first time
in history by a team of
doctors and
biochemists in England.

Dr. Ronald Cutler, PhD, Infectious
disease specialist and professor at the
University of London, England.
Biochemist, Peter Josling and
Norman Bennett
knowledge of the
power of stabilized
allicin. They continue
their research to bring
more worlwide benefit
from utilizing stable
Biochemists, Peter
allicin in simple
More than 2000 scientific papers citing allicin are available on
'Athens', the university and scientific community database or you
can look in
Pub Med.

Allicin has been tested in vitro (in the lab) and proved effective
against a wide spectrum of otherwise resilient threats. In vivo (in
life), allicin tests very positively. It has been used recently, for
example, in trials led by Dr R Cutler (Queen Mary University,
London). The papers are available on a
Google Scholar
search: Dr R R Cutler, allicin.