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Allimedonline.com    Allimed, Physician Strength Stabilized Allicin with ALLISURE®
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60 Capsules.....$90.00
100 Capsules...$130.00
200 Capsules...$250.00
300 Capsules...$330.00
Allimed Cream...$65.00
Allimed Gel    .....$65.00
Allimed Cream and Gel
Allimed Capsules 450mg
Biochemists, Peter
Josling and Norman
Bennett,  providing
knowledge of the
power of stabilized
allicin. They continue
their research to bring
more worlwide benefit
from utilizing stable
allicin in simple
Allicin from Garlic:
Successfully stabilized
for the first time in history
by a team of doctors and
biochemists in England.

Dr. Ronald Cutler, PhD,
Infectious disease
specialist and professor
at the University of
London, England.
Biochemist, Peter
and Norman
1 oz .. ..$  80.00
2 oz  ..  $130.00
4 oz .... $220.00
8 oz .....$360.00
16 oz....$640.00
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Allimed Liquid 450mg (per 6 drops from glass dropper)
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